Hello and welcome to my photo gallery.

This site was created for several reasons. So often, people hurry through their lives and fail to notice the beautiful details which surround us. It is my hope and belief that photography inspires us to appreciate that beauty by selectively emphasizing the details we frequently overlook. This page also acts as an online portfolio of my photography.

Please check back often and join me as I continue to grow as a photographer. Afterwards, sign the guestbook!



Mom and Dad - Thanks for putting up with me, for believing in me, and for everything. [Family Website]

David Reaves - for helping me become a better photographer, before and still. [David's Website]


06-23-07 :: Posted photos of Brian and Cynthia's wedding in the "Wedding Gallery"

02-03-07 :: Posted photos of UT in the "UT Gallery" and of my parents in the "Candid Gallery"

12-01-06 :: Posted photos from the AED Broomball Social in the "Portrait Gallery" and "Candid Gallery"

10-21-06 :: Posted Colorado Bend State Park camping photos in the "Colorado Bend Gallery"